driver-assistance OBD device with masking algorithm
Unique masking algorithm
Adopt INT Chain’s masking algorithm for developing an intelligent driving system without sensitive data.
Intelligent driver-assistance
device - lifecycle management
An intelligent driver-assistance device covers vehicle condition monitoring, driving assistance, driving safety, and self-service maintenance.
Robust business ecosystem
Innovative business model, by simply driving your car, and you can upload your driving data and earn TOKEN in return.
Core Functions
Remote Diagnostics
The device can send diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) to auto repair shops through smart contract and guide service engineers to support on-site.
Security Alert
The device will display an error alarm when an abnormal situation occurs, such as flameout, displacement, vibration, collision, rollover, overspeed, drive over fence, and engine coolant temperature, etc.
Position Tracking
BDS (Beidou Navigation Satellite System), GPS (Global Positioning System) and BSS (Base Station Subsystem) are adopted to track car positions.
Driving Analysis
Analyze driving behaviors and improve driving skills, by collecting the data of acceleration, sharp acceleration, sharp bends, idle speed, overspeed, fuel consumption, etc.
Community Help Center
All device users will join a community that users can get help from the community members nearby, when you have problems.
Future Layouts
The business layout is oriented around ITS (Intelligent Transportation) and IOV (Internet of Vehicle). We will gradually implement application scenarios related to the vehicle industry such as purchasing, driving, and city management, etc., and serve the comprehensive business ecology of car owners, enterprises, and governments.
Product Parameters
Product size
No plug
Operating voltage
DC 10V~18V
Operating current
average 35mA(ACC ON)
Lithium-ion battery charging status
Standby current
2.5mA(ACC OFF)
GSM standby
Built-in battery
50mA Polymer Lithium-lon Battery
Positioning deviation
GPS positioning deviation is less than 10m
(The actual positioning deviation is affected by the environment and weather of the vehicle)
The positioning deviation of the base station depends on the base station coverage.
Communication network
TDD LTE:B38/B39/B41
Communication method
Operation temperature
Storage temperature
Standby time
1 week
OBD protocol

ISO9141 KWP2000_5BPS(ISO14230) KWP2000_FAST(ISO14230) CANBUS_11B_500K(ISO15765) CANBUS_29B_500K(ISO15765) CANBUS_11B_250K(ISO15765) CANBUS_29B_250K(ISO15765)